Kunming, China

Cecilia Jansson starts the exchange project between Örebro Art School, Sweden, and TCG Nordica. She makes use of TCG Nordica’s guest studio for one month in October 2006, and presents an exhibition in the TCG Nordica gallery.

”Julefrid” Detail from bigger drawing 100×50 cm. Charcoal, acrylic paint and Chinese newspaper. Made during Cecilias residency in Kunming 2006.

”Art, hand craft and illustration has their own worlds and I like to be in all of them. I have a background as a professional potter and have worked with woodfired stoneware sculptures for many years. Now I mainly work with charcoal drawings in big scales. I get trigged by limits. Fascinated by semiotics. I work in my own studio and I am a headteacher at Örebro Artschool.”

– Cecilia Jansson