Exhibition inCube Arts gallery NYC

October 13 – November 2, 2016
inCube Arts
314 W 52nd St #1, New York, NY 10019


NARS Foundation is pleased to present Source Material, an exhibition that brings together the work of five NARS alumni: Sandra Erbacher, Cecilia Jansson, Euyoung Hong, Christine Rebhuhn and Alisha Wessler at inCube Arts.

The artists in this exhibition condense different sources of material, functions, and associations into a singular object or image that serves as a further source of information, sensory modalities and affect. Subtly altered readymades or compositions of organic, ephemeral, or synthetic materials — often contradictory or abstract — that are part object, part sculpture occupy an indeterminate space between the real and artificial. By interrupting, reconfiguring or mashing up the function and meaning of everyday things, such as say a hockey helmet and freezer build up, or a hand-dryer and on-hold music, the artists, Christine Rebhuhn and Sandra Erbacher, more than posit their material and ontological status in relation to industry, design and commodification, let the materiality mediate a visceral experience of unease and suspension.
The uncanny feeling these objects embody or arouse, from recognizing the familiar as strange and suggestive, are differentiated by distinct material and conceptual approaches. Cecilia Jansson’s sculpture composed of porcelain and bread is a disturbing hybrid of refinement and the crude in an exoskeleton body. Alisha Wessler’s ghoulish masks of found objects and manipulated materials carry the psychic and physical emotive quality effigies imbued with folk-magic or morbid commemorative death masks. Euyoung Hong’s work looks at the places of others, corners, peripheries, which are frequently overlooked, abandoned and disappearing, and reproduces this sense of marginalization in the gallery space, encapsulating the anxiety that foregrounds the exhibition.
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NARS programs are made possible with public funds from the Decentralization Program of the New York State Council on the Arts, administered in Kings County by Brooklyn Arts Council (BAC).


Jury of OpenART 2017

From left: Peter Ojstersek (SE), Cecilia Jansson (SE), Pia Männikkö (FI)

The Open Call for next year’s OpenART biennial has officially closed and the extensive work of selecting the artists will take its first steps in September.

The selection of the artworks will be made by an international jury of artists consisting of Cecilia Jansson (SE), Peter Ojstersek (SE) and Pia Männikkö (FI). All of the jury members have previously exhibited their work at OpenART.

Cecilia Jansson is a Swedish artist with a local connec­tion to Örebro through her artistic projects with the inmates at Kumla Prison and teaching posi­tion at Örebro Art School. Only in the past year she has won Örebro Coun­ty’s Culture Prize, been exhib­ited at Swatch Faces at the Venice Bien­nial and just recently completed an Artist in Resi­dency stay at NARS Foun­da­tion in New York.

Peter Ojstersek is a Swedish artist living and working in both Gothen­burg, Sweden and Berlin, Germany. Although, split­ting his time between the two coun­tries he has also, since 2007, been working as a Senior Lecturer at Valand Academy, Univer­sity of Fine Arts in Gothen­burg, Sweden.

Pia Männikkö is a Finnish artist living and working in Helsinki, Finland. She partic­i­pated in OpenART’s resi­dency project Academy in 2013, ending the stay with three artworks repre­sented at the bien­nial. Throughout the years she has been exhib­ited in coun­tries like Germany, Spain, Scot­land, Australia and more.

The 6th edition of OpenART is taking place 18 June – 10 September 2017.

”Converging Paths, Objects and Selves”

porcelan and bread 1Cecilia Jansson presents her recent work in the group exhibition ”Converging Paths, Objects and Selves”, featuring selections from the work of 2016 NARS artist residency participants.porcelain and bread 2  porcelain and bread 3

Her project started with the idea of combining two materials – one representing a firm structure (as seen in society or nature) and one forced to adjust itself according to that structure – forming a coherent whole.

”I ended up combining porcelain, a material I know well, with bread. Bread dough is in many ways similar to clay, but the final products, bread and ceramic, can be viewed as semiotic opposites. I made hand built structures in porcelain, into which I baked bread. The rising dough must conform to the rigid porcelain, and the organic element of yeast adds an unpredictable and living contrast to the sterile ceramic. I let the materials evolve together to form sculptures where both have an equal importance for the final shape.”
Exhibition: Converging Paths, Objects and Selves, May 13 – June 10, 2016
Venue: NARS Foundation, 201 46th Street 4th floor, Brooklyn, NY 11220, www.narsfoundation.org

Exhibition at NARS Foundation New York


May 13 – June 10, 2016
Opening Reception: Friday, May 13th, 6-8pm

The New York Art Residency & Studios (NARS) Foundation is pleased to present, Converging Paths, Objects and Selves, an exhibition featuring selections from the work of 2016 Season II International Artist Residency Participants: Hua Bai, Gunilla Daga, Cecilia Enberg, Cecilia Jansson, Jenny Laiwint, Bundith Phunsombat, Julie Trudel and Alisha Wessler.  The assembled works, a number produced at NARS, represent the divergent and distinct artistic approaches that have together formed a community, over the course of three to six months in South Brooklyn.

Cecilia receives Örebro Countys Culture Prize 2015


Foto Lennart Lundkvist Artikel i NA

”Cecilia Jansson is an artist who, with courage and strong commitment, has made trans boundary her hallmark. Ceramic may be considered as her basic material, but excursions into other techniques are many and performed with impressive craftsmanship. Cecilia Jansson seems, despite being constantly courted by media, to maintain calm in her oeuvre. She simply stands with her feet firmly on the ground, sometimes dressed in dungarees and a welding helmet, sometimes stitching with silk thread barely visible to the eye.” -Carl Olsson (Translated from Swedish)

Regionstyrelsens motivering till årets kulturpris.

Cecilia Jansson, sedan många år tillbaka bosatt i Örebro, är konstnären som med mod och starkt engagemang har gjort gränsöverskridandet till sitt signum. Medialt fick Cecilia stor uppmärksamhet då hon 2009-11 arbetade med konstutsmyckning på Kumlafängelset tillsammans med internerna. I Open Art 2015 återknöt Cecilia till detta arbete genom installationen NU, som bestod av projicering av film, ljud och utsmyckade plåtar från Kumlafängelset.

Utöver ett starkt socialt patos slås man av Cecilias fantastiska mångsidighet i det konstnärliga uttrycket. Keramiken får betraktas som hennes grunduttryck, men utflykterna till andra tekniker är många och utförs med en imponerande hantverksskicklighet. Genom sina många resor till Kina förstärktes Cecilias respekt för själva hantverket, samtidigt som hon inte kunde låta bli att utmana konventioner hos de kinesiska eleverna. Att ge mer utrymme för fantasi och kreativitet blev Cecilias bidrag i det sammanhanget.

Cecilias mångsidighet innebär också en lång meritlista som inte görs rättvisa på detta utrymme. Utöver vad som redan nämnts bör tilläggas att hon varit verksam som lärare på Örebro Konstskola, att hon var ”livetecknare” på Teater Martin Mutters föreställning ”Nu är jag här” och att hon tillsammans med intagna på kriminalvårdsanstalten i Kumla arbetat fram installationen ”Yggdrasil” på ”Konst på Hög”. Hon kommer under 2015 även att delta i Venedigbiennalen.

Cecilia Jansson tycks, trots en ständigt uppvaktande omvärld, behålla lugnet i sitt konstnärskap. Hon står helt enkelt med fötterna stadigt på jorden, ibland iklädd arbetsoverall och svetshjälm, ibland pillande med silkestrådar som knappt är synliga för ögat. Dessutom med ett socialt engagemang som aldrig kommer att slockna. Närmast i tur står att skapa konstverk tillsammans med bostadslösa i Brooklyn, New York.

Cecilia Jansson tilldelas Region Örebro läns Kulturpris 2015.

Cecilia Jansson nominerad till NA´s Kulturpris 2015


Priset ska gå till en eller flera personer ”i ett aktivt skapande skede av hög klass inom något eller några av traditionella konstnärliga områdena, eller är aktiv och framstående inom forskning inom nämnda områden”.

Cecilia Jansson. Storartad och egensinnig konstnär som ser till att sprida sin konst på de mest skilda platser. Under det gångna året har hon arbetat med internerna på Kumlaanstalten, gjort ett konstverk av nycklar till Kvarntorpshögen i Kumla, visat film på årets Open Art och dessutom varit representerad på Venedigbiennalen.

Artikel i NA